What is Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is an organic fluid used in the tubing of ice rinks to keep the ice frozen. An organic material, Propylene Glycol is used in cosmetics, food coloring, and many other consumer applications. This fluid does not present any of the environmental or toxicity problems associated with the antifreeze fluid, ethylene glycol.

Mixed with water, Propylene Glycol can reach a freezing point far lower than water. This, added to the fact that it has excellent heat transfer characteristics, makes it perfect for rink freezing. Winning Ice uses Propylene Glycol as a safe, friendly, choice for ice making. It is easy to store, mix, and maintain. Under normal use, Propylene Glycol has a minimum guaranteed effectiveness of over 10 years.

A Winning Ice rink will have a chiller, a heat-exchanger, and an ice cooling loop under the ice itself. The exact size, design, and lay-out of this system is custom designed to your needs. Design considerations include location, exposure, facility type, lighting, air handling, power source, size, etc. Every Winning Ice rink is custom design from the ground up; we will even include blueprints if needed.

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